Your Own Personal Genius (rocket_hamster) wrote in when_atpurchase,
Your Own Personal Genius

Box Rebellion

So, I've already asked two bands about Box Rebellion. One expressed not-completely-decided interest, one has yet to reply (I sent them a follow up e-mail).

Anyway, has anyone else talked to anyone, or have acts they'd like me to talk with about it? BTW, it's April 14th, just so everyone knows. I recently found a bunch of all-female bands located in the westchester/NYC/LI area that seem rather promising, so if no one else has any preferences (outside of Con Amore) I'd have no problem asking them. Also, do we want to ask the Vibration again? They've done it two years in a row- three's a charm.

Goin back to school tomorrow. La la la. Do we wanna meet on next Monday?

Lemme know what you all think.
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