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No Meeting Tonight

So, Althea, Cheryl and I all kind of agree there's no real point in having a meeting tonight. We all have too much to do and nothing much to say. So, let's all stay home and write papers.

But Cheryl said she did want to get together one more before the semester's out to discuss for next year. I think that's a really good idea. I think, for instance, you should book Breast Fest and Box Rebellion within the first month of school so you don't get shut out like usual. I also suggest changing the charter and electing a president, or maybe changing around some of the other jobs as well. I think the job titles are all kind of misleading and stuff falls on some people to do when it isn't quite thier job. Also, if someone has the authority to make decisions, things can be planned faster, as opposed to having to ask 4 other people thier opinion on every single change that happens.
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