Jaidev (Jahdi) Ambika (darkundernilla) wrote in when_atpurchase,
Jaidev (Jahdi) Ambika

Sex Education

This is Cross posted everywhere, sorry if you see it alot.

Okay, I need some help finding some very elusive information. I have been working on a paper for one of my Professors; a proposal essay about sexual education in public schools of California, and the United States. Its been going along at a decent clip, researching about the statistics here in California, the faults of the Bush Administration’s Abstinence Only Until Marriage campaign, and the effects on students coming out of these educational systems.
What I am having trouble locating is information about other countries. For the conclusion, my Professor would like me to profile three countries that use a comprehensive sexual education program, and compare their techniques and results with what I would propose for California’s public school system. If any one out there has this information (preferably from the last 4 years, and with legitimate sources) that would be amazingly helpful.
I will have my paper (in rough draft form) up at the following URL. www.cutecrowbar.com/education.html Advice and constructive criticism will be welcome.
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